The Wono token is part of our future ecosystem that will provide additional opportunities for freelancers and crypto enthusiasts. WONO is an international talent marketplace with more than 100,000 monthly active users from Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. On WONO, one can find a part-time job as a freelancer, post a CV or a typical service that can be done. WONO’s freelancers offer services in software development, design, digital marketing, translation and many more. We are cooperating with world brands that have already found hundreds of performers for their projects. Some of the benefits you will get include; all users will be able to earn extra money by staking Digital verification of your skills with NTF token, Decentralized management of service quality and reviews using voting etc. WONO has an in-built service for discussing job description and payment size. All the transactions are done internally: employers can seamlessly pay for jobs done and contractors can then easily withdraw.

All pre-sale participants will have the opportunity to purchase WONO with a bonus, dependent from the purchase amount:

💎 5% for any purchase up to 50 USDT

💎 10% for purchases from 50 USDT

💎 20% for purchases from 100 USDT

💎 30% when buying from 200 USDT

WONO is a decentralized p2p platform for renting and sharing any services! You can find more information on our website

You can:

  • participate in staking and receive APY and bonuses from our platform
  • reduce commission to 0% for deals
  • receive additional bonuses in tokens for activity
  • get plans and upgrades for your profile for free
  • verify your skills using NTF tokens issued by Wono

🙌 Our team sees the active interest of the Presale participants and more and more users and freelancers are connecting to our community every day — this is great. We see that our users have different levels of knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and there are those who could not buy our token of lack of this knowledge.

💎Our main goal is to develop our product and create a strong community of users and freelancers around the world, so we decided to prepare another surprise for you this year — we decided to extend the sales phase for all Christmas and New Year holidays.

👉 To help you understand cryptocurrency and WONO, we have published many articles and guides in which we talk about the goals of our project, how to work with cryptocurrencies, what blockchain is and how to work with the HECO blockchain.

🚀 WONO is “not a one-day project”, we are developing and growing, therefore we provide everyone with the opportunity to buy tokens and use them on the WONO platform in the future. We want to confidently develop and change the freelancing industry together with you!

🔥 We also take into account market conditions before Christmas, which are actively celebrated in Europe and the United States — not the most favorable for listing, therefore, according to the recommendation from MDEX, the listing is postponed to January.

“A sponsored article written for a bounty reward.”

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