StartFi NFT PLATFORM: Ownership of digital content.

One of the current buzz in the Crypto industry is Non-fungible tokens. Non fungible token (NFT) is unique and can represent any digital asset on the Eyheteum blockchain, thereby making it scarce, probable and valuable.

The creation of NFTs have paved a way for artists and creators to display their contents and collections. NFTs was first created in 2014 when Kevin McCoy minted his non-fungible token “Quantum”. From 2014 till now, the Crypto world has witnessed a rapid development and its demand has continued to surge.

Introduction to StartFi NFT Platform

StartFi is an NFT platform that is specifically designed ti help content creators raise funds for their digital content by engaging community to share rewards and revenues. It is a known face that a lots of great contents have not been able to reach a wider and correct audience as a result of funding and proper connection.

A lot of stories have been left untold, drawings and artworks left un -viewed and appreciated, songs left unsung. For this reason, StartFi NFT platform has created an ecosystem basically for creators, fans and the public and has developed unique approaches to put an end to the challenges faced by creators in the course of doing what they know how to do best so that their contents will reach the world.

Approaches of StartFi NFT Platform

StartFi Token (STFI)

STFI token is the native token that will power the startfi ecosystem. It will also serve as a governance token and holders will have the opportunity of earning rewards from pool distribution revenue and transaction fees of NFT.

Token Details

Name – Startfi

Symbol– STFI

Blockchain network – ERC20, BEP20, HRC-20, MATIC

Decimal – 16 and a

total supply of 100 million

Contract address –

At the time of writing this article, startfi has partnered with lots of notable companies.


The team is made up of brilliant professionals who are working hand in hand to ensure that StartFi achieves its vision.


What StartFi NFT platform is doing is quite different and can’t be compared to what has been offered by other NFTs platform. StartFi is set to redefine the content world via blockchain technology and non fungible tokens.

With StartFi, your dreams are valid and worthwhile.

To know more about StartFi platform and how you can be involved, click the following links:

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Pitch Desk -

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