Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency market rose out of the will of financial freedom advocates who wanted financial liberation and power to control their own money. However, the digital currency ecosystem has grown and still growing and there is a lot of ways to get more people involved in cryptocurrencies.

Meme coins are a people’s movement and no doubt that it has gained the attention of the general public within a very short time even much more than the early cryptocurrencies.

We have seen the contribution of meme coins to the crypto industry as it has even drawn the interest of the general public to cryptocurrency. This time around, I will be introducing you to a new and unique coin that seeks to show love by gifting its holders rewards as its name implies.

Introduction to Santa Coin

Branded as a love token even from its name Santa, the legendary figure named Santa Claus was known for gift giving. Santa coin is a coin that aims to reward its holders with BUSD rewards. In other words, santa coin is a token of love because it basically give and demonstrate love by giving holders BUSD. You will rarely find cryptocurrencies like this having the love of the community at heart.

Services provided by Santa Coin

Play –to-Earn Racing Santa Game

One of the things facilitating the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is gaming and this is why decentralized gaming is now the hottest trend in the crypto space. The reason for this is because it affords players to have access to non-fungible tokens that will allow players to earn as they play. In time past, players spend their money to play games but decentralized gaming that is blockchain gaming has changed what gaming used to be. Assets in Santa game can be owned completely and also traded by players and also used to play Santa game. Santa racing game will empower gamers.

Dapp and Swap Exchange

Another key feature of Santa Ecosystem is Dapp and swap exchange. To be honest decentralization is the true essence of blockchain and Santa Coin has via its Dapps has developed a simple and easy to use interface for swapping different cryptocurrencies. Also users of Santa exchange will be able to view their rewards.

Anti-Whale System

One of the challenges investors face in crypto investment is the whale dump. A lot of projects have failed because they couldn’t curtail massive n dumps from their investors and this makes some investors to shy away from investing in cryptocurrencies. Santa coin contract system does not support the whale system because no sale amount higher than 0.125 is possible at once so this mechanism will not encourage big selloffs.

Liquidity Pool

Decentralized exchanges are often faced with the challenge of low liquidity and that is why Santa coin has allocated 2% of every transaction to be converted in to liquidity for Pancakeswap. This will sort the issue of liquidity and holders will not have any problem to trade their tokens. Also 1% from every transaction is dedicated to fund marketing of good projects and to also reward the community.

BUSD Reflection

Like I stated earlier, Santa Coin has the love of her community at heart. Holders of Santa Coin will enjoy 8% of every buy and sell transaction. Holders will be get the rewards automatically or claim manually on Santa Dapp dashboard. You can just imagine your multiple yield if you are holding for a very long time.

Multiple BuyBacks

The essence of buyback is to burn the tokens as this will support the growth and price stability of the Santa coin. 3% of every buy and sell transaction is added back to the buy-back reserve and are converted to BNB while ensuring it is securely locked and stored in the Santa Coin contract.

The Team

The team of Santa Coin project is made up of brilliant professionals from diverse fields who have come together to give users and holders of Santa Coin a fufilling and exciting crypto experience.

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