The inception of Bitcoin (first and most popular cryptocurrency) brought about a lot of changes to the financial system of the world. When Bitcoin came, a lot of people did not believe in it because they simply do not understand how it works. After some years, we could see the gradual adoption of this cryptocurrency and now it has grown to be what is being known, accepted and supported by the multibillion companies of the world.

Cryptocurrency is built on the blockchain technology and we won’t be wrong to say that the first use case of the blockchain was in the creation of Bitcoin, which since that time a lot of numerous companies have adopted the blockchain technology to their operation. Industries like the entertainment, gaming, and environment e.t.c have also adopted the blockchain technology because the features of this excellent technology such as decentralization, immutability, transparency, security has eased and changed the narrative of the operation of these industries.

Cryptocurrency market is a DEFI Company registered in the USA that is aimed at bringing total transparency to the blockchain industry, a platform that also provides users, traders, investors, and institutions with adequate information for a better-informed decision. Cryptocurrency market is a US registered project aimed at curbing the scams in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, eliminating rug pull in the DeFi market, making it seamless for people across the globe to carry out business transactions by providing a trust-less platform that uses a smart contract to execute payments after service delivery. Cryptocurrency Market (CCM) Co-founder, Chime Amakiri. The sole aim of this Defi project is to bring trust and transparency to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, a platform that ensures trust for both service providers. Any realistic cryptocurrency CEO, user, investor, trader, or ardent observer who has been in the space for a while can attest to the fact that the cryptocurrency space needs some sanity in terms of transparency.

0xPAD is a first multi-chain LaunchPad and a Decentralized Incubator Protocol. It is a blockchain project that is set to decentralize seed funding and angel investing, while bringing innovative ideas, projects and opportunities to our supporters.When you Stake for a Year, you get 40% from 33,000 = 13,200 Staking Rewards in a year. That is 1,100 Staking Rewards per Month. A user who is not a member (not staking 0xPAD token or 0xPAD LP tokens) can still participate in IDOs as a guest. To participate as a guest, there are basic requirement to be considered which includes; Guest participants must whitelist their address in order to participate. It is recommended that a guest participant get his/her address whitelisted early, typically 48hrs before the IDO starts, Whitelisted wallet need to hold 0xPAD tokens, the IDO allocation received by a whitelisted address is proportionate to the amount of tokens held. For example, if a whitelisted wallet holds 0 tokens during the IDO, such an address will have 0 allocation and Additional steps may be needed during whitelisting. For example, a guest participant may be required to like and retweet certain posts during whitelisting.

There are four different member participation or tiers of membership which are gold, bronze, silver and platinum membership

Basic features include;

0xLaunchPad: 0xLaunchPad allow members of 0xPad to participate in different levels and tiers of partner projects’ token sale. 0xLaunchPad uses a hybrid tier-weight token sale mechanism to ensure fairness.

0xIncubator: 0xIncubator allow members who contribute funds into the incubator pool to participate in the seed funding stage of incubated projects. This allows little investors to finally become part of angel investing.

0xVault: 0xVault is 0xPad’s staking and Incubator vaults. It provides holders of 0xPad’s native token with different staking pools, membership levels and staking rewards. It also gives them access to the incubator pool.

0xMine: 0xMine is 0xPad’s liquidity mining feature. People who participate in liquidity mining earn high mining rewards. They are ranked highest membership level and have access to IDOs and the Incubator pool.

Website: https://0xpad.io/



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