CyberTrade is an upcoming open-world MMO RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain.

The Metaverse will be a next-gen AAA sandbox experience never seen before in crypto gaming.

The gameplay includes basic open world games features. You will be looking at your character

from the third person.

There’s another game coming soon called Cyber Trade (NFT based game build in full 3D Unity

engine — Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn NFT metaverse with your crime

syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses).

Gaming and cryptocurrencies have a significant overlap in their audiences. A 2019 Rutgers

University study on gamers (defined as gaming at least once a month) found that more than half

of the 897 respondents had traded cryptocurrencies in the past year. Cryptocurrency day trading

offers a high risk/high reward form of investment that coincides with entertainment and games.

The study claimed that “cryptocurrency trading is similar to gaming but anonymous, unregulated

and available 24/7”.

CyberTrade vehicles utilities

🔸 Rarity — each NFT is minted with unique technology VRF which makes each NFT exclusive and different

🔸 Exclusive in-game assets — each of the NFTs are usable in drag races and Metaverse

🔸 Daily winning of $CCASH — earning CyberCash every day by racing

🔸 Limited amount — only 75 pieces of this model are minted

Get your vehicle, earn $CCASH, level up your vehicle and take over the streets of CyberTrade Metaverse!

Magnus Capital joined Metropolit

Magnus Capital is a leading global VC and investment boutique since 2017 and has been an incubator, a strategic partner, and an advisor to several projects. We have invested in over 250+ projects over the years, empowering projects, teams, and ideas.

They can provide high quality value adds such as technical expertise with general to hands-on advisory, bespoke strategic partnerships, access to their 250+ projects in our portfolio (DeFi, Infrastructure, GameFi, Guilds, Launchpads, Social Protocols…) warm introductions to top tier VCs in the space, expedited exchange listings, extensive research and in-depth analysis, dealflow sharing, early-stage marketing, growth, and PR strategies, a network of front end and back end developers, legal, audit, and banking setup services, OTC and capital raising and more!

As a holder, you decide about the imminent actions taken in development of Metropolit. The amount of $CCASH determines your:

🔥 Citizen Ranking — the higher the Citizen ranking, the bigger the power in the Metropolit

🔥 Governance — governance rights such as decision-making in the important stages of world development

🔥 Rewards — get rewarded with $CCASH by playing

🔥 Deflationary function — part of every $CCASH used in game is burned

🔥 Obtain NFTs and land — buy, sell, trade, and collect various NFTs

🔥 Staking — hold $CCASH and earn

Holding $CCASH will allow you to live in CyberTrade Metaverse!

In the future, there is only one global currency — $CCash!

CCASH Contract Address : 0xd36bb7849a8c50b509bae872f44d5c1c7dc0e96c


Always verified our contract :

Admin & team never send a message first

Whitelist result is not on telegram

▫Token is not tradable yet

▫ Public sale is not started yet

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